About Us

Our History


Pro-Tec Inspection, Inc. was founded in 2001 in Kilgore, Texas. We maintain our corporate office in Kilgore, Texas, also serving our East Texas customers.

In May of 2012, we opened our second facility in Midland, Texas, to serve our customers in the Permian Basin

Training & Experience

All inspectors employed by Pro-Tec Inspection are certified by a Level III third party and have also received at least one year Practical (“Hands On” ) training to perform their respective jobs.

Pro-Tec Management has a combined 70 plus years of experience in the services we provide.

Our Promise to You


We’re committed to providing customers with the highest level of service, by providing highly trained personnel and well-maintained equipment along with competitive pricing.

With one call, we can meet many needs and will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.



Drill Pipe Inspection

 Pro-Tec Inspection has the latest state of the art EMI Equipment for all of your drill pipe needs. All inspectors are ASNT Level II Certified and adhere to the DS-1 Manual for inspection criteria. EMI (Electromagnetic inspection) is used to inspect the full length of the tubes for pitting, cracks, slip cuts, etc….. The EMI unit also has a wall loss monitoring system that scans the full length of the tube .


Drill Collar & BHA Inspection

 Pro-Tec Inspection employs qualified and certified personnel to perform wet magnetic particle inspection on drill collars and rotary sub thread connections as well as other drilling components. Parts are introduced to a longitudinal field so they can be inspected for transverse flaws (cracks) in the thread connections. All thread connection inspections are performed with a black light while looking for cracks as well as lead gauges and API thread profile gauges to determine thread wear. 


Casing Clean, Drift & Tally

 Pro-Tec has clean and drift crews that rack pipe, tally, drift and clean casing. All casing is drifted with mandrels conforming to API specifications that are passed through the full length of each tube to assure compliance with API internal diameter specifications. If a mashed or dented joint is found that prevents drift, that joint is removed from the string and marked accordingly. 



 Hardbanding is a service that protects drill pipe and drill collars from premature wear. Pro-Tec can apply all products including but not limited to, Tungsten Carbide, Titanium, Armacore, Duraband, and Tuffband. 


Portable Lathe Reface

Pro-Tec Inspection has the capability of portable lathe refacing that can be done on location to repair drill pipe, saving the customer transportation and machine shop costs.

Mag Particle Inspection


Pro-Tec is also qualified to perform Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection. These services can be performed on but not limited to the following:  

*Tool Joint/Slip Area on Drill Pipe  *Welds  *Hardband areas on Drill Pipe and Drill Collars  *Slip Areas on Drill Collars  


*Overhead Components such as: 

  1.  Elevators and elevator ears 
  2.  Elevator Bales 
  3.  Tongs
  4.  Full Length Kelly Inspection
  5.  Slips
  6.  Swivel Bale 
  7.  Hook and Bale Ears on Block 8. Various other components


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Kilgore Location

12922 County Road 1122 N, Kilgore, Texas 75662, United States

(903) 984-1181 - Corporate Office Sales (903) 431-2902 - Don Shannon - ETX

Midland Location

6301 N Elkins Rd Midland, TX 79705

Sales (432) 312-2265 Larry Owens - WTX Sales (432 ) 246-0207 Chelsey Warner - WTX